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'Hosting' a zero waste Easter

Check out our article published on Served about hosting a zero waste Easter. This year, Easter may be a little different to the norm but we should still try keep it plastic free and eco.

Easter Sunday is nearly upon us again! Granted this year will be a little different but let’s look at the positives: no smug cousin Doreen showing off photos of her perfect Easter Sunday banquet to the family and putting your hosting skills to shame; eating in your PJs or simply skipping the food element and going straight to wine; and yes let’s not forget those awkward conversations at the dinner table with estranged uncle Mark (we all have one!).

While this year we’ve been saved from the hosting pressure and the lengthy to-do lists we should still try and consider the sustainable, zero waste element of your Easter Sunday, no matter how you decide to spend it.

So here are a some quick and easy steps to help move this year’s planning along and impress your family members with your beautifully curated sustainable spread via social media.

1. Don’t kill yourself trying to make everything completely zero waste

This is my number one rule when I start getting eco anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. We don’t need people to do eco and sustainable living perfectly, we just need more people to try and start making small changes to their daily routines. In this instance, start making small changes, whether its going completely organic or staying away from Easter eggs wrapped in plastic you’re off to a great start. So don’t be too hard on yourself if you are not completely zero waste; you’re making positive changes and that is what counts.

2. Shop smart

Shopping for food in the current situation is stressful however one positive I’ve taken from this situation is the large number of small business delivering food plastic free, directly to your door! The great thing about ordering from small businesses is that you can have a conversation with them before they deliver and request your order t