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Compact, eco-friendly, and powerful enough to filter over 100 substances. Cartridge replacement every 2 months keeps it running smoothly.


EcoPro Compact uses ultra-advanced 5-stage microfiltration technology with activated carbon.

The refill consists of an activated carbon disk that is made from coconut shells and absorbs chemicals, gases, metals and organic elements thanks to its microscopic structure and highly porous surface.


As the water passes through the filter, all contaminants are trapped by the activated carbon. The result is clean, filtered water that is ready to drink.


  • Filtering rate: 4L/min (15 seconds to filter 1 L)
  • Fill filter capacity: up to 400 L (approximately 13 L / day)
  • Carbon block density: 1-2 µm
  • Substances removed: more than 100

TAPP Ecopro compact water filter - Chrome

  • The EcoPro Compact Refill needs to be changed every 2 months to ensure the best water quality and filtering efficiency. 

    While our filters are able to remove most contaminants, including chlorine, with a success rate of 95% or higher, their effectiveness may decrease after 2 months. 

    It is also worth noting that activated carbon, a common material used in filters, is organic and may become a breeding ground for bacteria over time. 

    To reduce the risk of bacterial growth, it is recommended to run the filter for 30 seconds before consuming the water if it has not been used for a few days.

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