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Treat your skin and nature well with this vegan shaving brush. Experience the pleasures of smooth and sustainable shaving without ingrown hair nor irritation.


Smoothest Shave

Using a shave brush allows preparing the skin and hair properly for a great shave. Indeed, brushing the skin in a circular motion is best for softening hairs and lifting them away from the skin to enable the best shaving experience. Besides that, brushing also scrubs away dirt, dust, and dead skin cells, which help to prevent zits and ingrown hair.


Cruelty-free bristles

Traditional shaving brushes are made of badger hair or boar hair. Farming badgers or boars violently killed for makeup, shaving and paintbrush are inhumane. Fortunately, alternatives exist that are even better than their animal-based counterpart.

Shaving brush

  • The high-count bristles are made from nylon and designed to provide the best lather.

    Besides keeping the animals safe and sound, the Bambaw bristles do not smell, dry faster, do not fall out. The softness of nylon bristles is designed to create the best lather without irritating the skin what is not always the case for badger hair, often considered too soft or boar hair, on the other hand, judged to be too hard on the skin and cause irritation.

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