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Even though the weather pattern in 2022 was not as
optimal as hoped, the wines of Rheinhessen nevertheless
developed in a way that they only manage in Germany:
with moderate alcohol content, a very expressive and fruity aroma and an acidity that gives the wine its freshness. The September rains came just in time and had a positive effect on quality and quantity in many places. Thanks to the great ripeness, the winegrowers got the style they wanted when they decided on the harvest date.


The rain also slowed down the increase in must weights and thus the later increase in the alcohol content of the wines, which meets the needs of consumers.

Ripening in the cool produces fruity wines that offer a wide range of aromas even with moderate alcohol content. In addition, there is a fresh acidity – one of the main characteristics of German white wines.

Riesling 2022

  • Grape: Riesling
    Alcohol: 11.5% abv
    Type: Dry White
    Vintage: 2022
    Format: 75cl
    Classification: Gutsweine (Estate Wine)
    Region: Rheinhessen
    Country: Germany

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