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Beard Shaper Golden Ember (50 ml)


The Beard Shaper has been a personal favourite of Mr Bear for a long time and with the Golden Ember version he has truly taken it to the next level. The Beard Shaper is a water-based styling product with excellent moisturising properties. It shapes the beard, creates a natural hold, and gives it a fuller look and touch. For Golden Ember, Mr Bear added safflower oil and birch leaf extract which only amplifies the already great properties by revitalising the beard and stimulating skin regeneration.


Why Beard Shaper?

  • Moisturises and shapes at the same time.
  • Makes the beard fuller.
  • Easy to apply.


Fragrance: Light smoke subtly integrated in noble wooden accords rounded off with spicy, oriental nuances.

Mr Bear: Golden Ember Beard Shaper

€22.00 Regular Price
€19.80Sale Price
  • Key ingredients

    • Safflower oil – Stimulates blood circulation and skin regeneration.
    • Birch leaf extract – Revitalises and strengthens the beard.
    • Witch hazel – Soothes irritated skin.
    • Shea Butter – Provides moisture to both skin and beard.


    Pump out a small amount of lotion. Spread it on your fingers and massage into beard. Use a comb, brush, or your hands to sculpt your beard.

    Mr Bear recommends

    A Beard Shaper moisturises and styles the beard. If you want a little extra moisturisation, Mr Bear recommends using the beard oil in the evening to give your beard time to absorb it. Then you can use the Beard Shaper in the morning to get a nicely styled beard.

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