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Beard Oil Golden Ember (50 ml)


The Golden Ember Beard Oil is made from carefully selected natural ingredients. It makes your beard soft and supple while taking care of the skin underneath. Mr Bear chose nothing but the best for this oil and the guest of honour is without a doubt the safflower oil which will stimulate the blood circulation and skin regeneration. A beard oil is a natural first step for all beard owners – the Golden Ember Beard Oil is for those who want to step it up and experience the very best from Mr Bear Family.


Why beard oil?

  • Moisturises the beard.
  • Softens the beard.
  • Can relieve skin irritation under the beard.


Fragrance: Light smoke subtly integrated in noble wooden accords rounded off with spicy, oriental nuances.

Mr Bear: Golden Ember Beard Oil

  • Key ingredients

    • Safflower oil – Stimulates blood circulation and skin regeneration.
    • Rose hip oil – strengthens the hair.
    • Argan oil – Adds moisture and elasticity.
    • Jojoba oil – Balances the sebum production in the skin.


    Take a few drops in your hand, rub the oil between your hands and then massage into your beard and skin.

    Mr Bear recommends

    Use the oil in the evening and the Golden Ember Beard Shaper in the morning. This will allow your beard to absorb the oil overnight and give you a nicely styled beard by day with the Beard Shaper.

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