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Plastic Free July

Can't believe its already July...which means its time for the Plastic Free July challenge!

Yup you've guessed it - the Plastic Free July challenge is all about changing your habits to reduce plastic waste in your household throughout the month of July with the aim of eventually making these plastic-free habits part of your daily routines.

We know the thought of doing this can be daunted especially while juggling busy lives, avoiding the summer heat and trying to maintain some normality during these crazy times, however its all about setting achievable goals throughout the month that you think will be manageable post July. Remember we don't need a handful of people doing plastic free perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly!

The Plastic Free July challenge is an international movement with millions of likeminded people all trying to make a difference. The challenge site is full of fantastic resources and videos to help you throughout the month including this great and informative checklist below. So make sure to check out the site for some inspiration!

Download • 90KB

We're planning a couple of blogs and videos throughout the month with our recommendations on plastic-free swaps across different categories from beauty to cleaning accessories to baby products along with some exciting discounts, so watch this space!


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