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Not all cleaning products are clean

Cleaning and housework is part of adult life (some love it, some hate it). I particularly hate it when I buy a product only to realise that while it's keeping my apartment spick 'n' span its having a nasty impact on the environment.

Some conventional cleaning products and accessories have a bad rep in the sustainability community - and for good reason. The plastic packaging, the toxic chemicals, the greenhouse gases and the micro-plastics are a recipe for disaster. When the residues from these products reach our oceans - whether its chemical or plastic - they are sadly ingested by marine life causing irreparable damage to the ecosystem.

Not only are they extremely detrimental to the environment they're not great for you either - from hormonal problems to respiratory issues the list goes on and on...

Its not all gloom and doom however. There are green options out there that do as great a cleaning job than their non-eco cousins - if not better. So to help you out we've linked our favourite cleaning accessories and products in store below.

As part of our Plastic Free July initiatives we're also offering 10% discount on the Iron & Velvet and Ecococonut ranges when you come in store this week and deposit 3 pieces of plastic waste you've picked up from the ground for recycling. Let's keep our little island clean.

What are you favourite cleaning swaps and tips?

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