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Compose your own makeup palette with Zao Make-Up Refillable Bamboo Boxes. Their magnetic background allows to have all formats (eyeshadow, blush, terracotta, eyebrow powder, compact powder …).

Let your desire speak and fill them with your favourite refills!

At home or for a make-up session, keep your essential colours always at your fingerprints!

ZAO Bamboo Refillable Medium Box

€16.90 Regular Price
€15.21Sale Price
  • Bamboo box M

    With different sized refills, compose your own palette with your favourite products. This palette can contain 4 eyeshadows, 2 large powders or the combination you want! Its small size and integrated mirror allows you to easily slip it into a bag to help you look beautiful for any occasion!

    DIMENSIONS : 130 x 75 x 13 mm

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