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Experience hair transformation with the brand-new Conditioner Crème with Rosemary Oil, bamboo extract + vitamin E from UpCircle Beauty. Harnessing the potency of upcycled orange peel wax, this highly coveted conditioner deeply nurtures hair whilst enhancing the natural shine of your hair.


Turkey tail mushroom extract and soy protein work to enhance scalp health, with corn protein and bamboo extract to fortify and repair. Infused with coconut oil for intense nourishment, this conditioner seals in moisture whilst safeguarding against frizz and breakage.

Key Ingredients: Upcycled Orange Peel Wax, Coconut Oil, Mushroom Extract, Corn + Soy Proteins, Bamboo Extract


Apply to freshly cleansed hair, starting at the middle & working down to the ends. Massage in & thoroughly rinse. Best used following your UpCircle Shampoo Crème with Coconut and Grapefruit Oil.

UpCircle Conditioner Creme

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