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Introducing our exquisite Plush Turkish Blankets, a harmonious blend of tradition and comfort. Crafted using time-honored weaving techniques, including the artful incorporation of peshtemals, these blankets showcase the rich heritage of Turkish craftsmanship.


Versatile in purpose, they effortlessly transform into cozy blankets, elegant bedspreads, stylish sofa throws, and ideal companions for picnics or days at the beach. Meticulously made in Turkey by a small, family-owned company, each blanket boasts the finest quality, woven from 100% cotton for unparalleled softness. Elevate your moments with the warmth and authenticity of these Turkish treasures.

Seasonal Blanket

  • Material: Cotton 

    Size: 235cm x 185cm

    Color: Brown and cream

    Weight: 1.6kg

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