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We’re all familiar with those innocent-looking yellow and green dish sponges. The sad truth is that these sponges along with many other cleaning sponges and cloths contain plastic. So while you’re scrubbing away, your sponge will be releasing microplastics into the water system that will more than likely end up in the sea.

Thankfully not all hope is lost. Introducing these brightly coloured compostable sponges are tough on stains and will gives your pots, pans, dishes, sinks, ovens, work tops a good and thorough scrub.

The sponges come in packs of two, are reusable and importantly are made to last. You can throw them in the washing as often as you’d like and once your sponge has seen better days simply cut up and compost.

The sponges are made from 100% organic cotton and cotton thread printed with eco dye, and have a hessian base for that extra scrubbing power. Importantly they are 100% biodegradable.

Scrubbies - biodegradable dish sponge (pack of 2)

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