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Indulge in the exquisite world of Ripe's Mini Chutneys, meticulously handcrafted in Malta. These delectable treasures, born from surplus produce, stand as paragons of sustainability. Perfect for vegans and vegetarians, each mini jar embodies a burst of locally inspired flavors.


Elevate your culinary journey and gifting experience with these adorable creations – the perfect addition to any gift or food hamper.


Crafted by Ripe, a local gem, these mini chutneys encapsulate the essence of Malta while championing eco-friendly practices. Savor the charm, taste, and thoughtfulness in every jar, making every occasion a delightful celebration.

Ripe - Mini chutneys (106ml)

  • The 3 flavors available are:

    • Aubergine chutney
    • Zucchini chutney
    • Pumpkin chutney


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