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For a superior clean every time, simply pop in OceanSaver's all-in-one dishwasher EcoTab. This eco-friendly dishwashing powerhouse tackles dishes, glasses, and pans with plant-based power, all while being 100% plastic-free. With built-in salt and rinse aid, OceanSaver EcoTabs are convenient and effective, leaving you with sparkling dishes and a clean conscience.

OceanSaver Dishwasher EcoTabs

    • Zero Plastic Waste
    • An ultra-compacted and efficient tab
    • Come in a small compact box to ensure we save space in your cupboard
    • EcoCert certified - a certification which means our tabs are actually eco!
    • Made up of 96% plant & mineral-based ingredients
    • Results on testing against one of the top dishwasher brands – we have the same cleaning efficacy, better rinsing power!
    • Come in a box of 30
    • Works in hard water, low temperature and a quick wash
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