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Parfume Golden Ember (50 ml)


At the heart of Golden Ember there are two things: the signature ingredients and the fragrance. What we are focusing on here is the second one: The fragrance. When Mr Bear worked on it, he looked for a classic yet personal scent. Something that would evoke that warm feeling of an old library with an open fireplace while keeping one foot in the wild – as is tradition at Mr Bear Family.

It starts off in a light smoky place and carefully moves through noble wooden accords, pleasantly surprising you along each corner, before rounding off in a carefully curated world of spicy, oriental nuances.


Top: Smoky, Tea, Cassis

Heart: Oliban, Vanilla, Tobacco Leaves

Base: Noble Wood, Amber, Leather

Mr Bear: Golden Ember Parfume

  • Mr Bear recommends

    Avoid getting the parfume on your clothes as the high concentration of fragrance can stain in some cases. You'll get the best results if you apply the parfume to warm areas on your body. Most common are the wrists and neck as those places also allow you to naturally spread the fragrance when you move.

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