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At ReRoot we try our best to provide a holistic platform to a more sustaimable approach to life! From plastic free and low impact to no nasties and palm oil free, the market is vast and can be overwhelming at times. So any bit of advice, tips and recipes in this case, always comes in handy 😉

When Daniel from @lifeofmarrow approached me with his latest book ‘A Plant-Basesd Maltese Kitchen’ it was a breath of fresh air ✨. Not only does it provide some great information and awareness to the Maltese Mediterranean kitchen and cusine, but more importantly it describes copius amounts of my favorite Maltese dishes, but in plant based form! 😳😳😳

Now if that isn’t a great idea for a Xmas present then I dont know what is?!

We’re currently stocking Daniel’s fantastic book which is currently available from ther store and online!

Check it out and get some plant based ideas for all you Maltese favorites!! 😎

A Plant-Based Maltese Kitchen book

€45.00 Regular Price
€40.50Sale Price
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