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Savor the essence of Malta with Djar il-Bniet's Prickly Pear Jam, a local delicacy handcrafted in the heart of Rabat and Dingli. Made with care from locally sourced produce, the jam's vibrant hues reflect the rich reds and yellows of the meticulously selected prickly pears.


A delightful addition to any gift or food hamper, this vegan and vegetarian-friendly jam captures the unique flavors of the Maltese landscape. Indulge in the sweet symphony of authenticity and craftsmanship, as each jar embodies the beauty of Malta's sun-kissed terrain, making it a charming and flavorful gift for any occasion.

Prickly Pear Jam (212ml)

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  • Prickly pear (67%), Sugar, Gelling agent (Pectin), Lemon Prepared with 67 g of fruit per 100g Total Sugar content 61g per 100g

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