Breakfast is literally one of my favourite meals of the day … and what you chose to eat and drink at that time WILL dictate how you’re going to feel for the rest of the busy morning.

Recently I paid a visit to my friends and neighbours, Baker Street Cafe, for what was meant to be a rushed breakfast and quick coffee. For what ever reason I was drawn to the their Granola and yogurt pot and the rest is history! 

After a 5 min chat with the owner, Lexi, we immediately struck a deal … REFILLABLE GRANOLA AT REROOT


Yep, lockdown or no lockdown we’re now offering refillable homemade, DELICIOUS Granola! Packed with your quintessential nuts, berries, oats, honey … you name it, this will literally keep you buzzing all morning and reaching for the cupboard in the afternoon.


Wake up to a bowl of this, and you’ve have enough energy to plough through those endless Zoom calls trust us

Home-made Granola

100 Grams
  • FOOD ALLERGY NOTE: Please note, all food products may contain traces of WHEAT, GLUTEN, EGGS, TREE NUTS, PEANUTS and DAIRY.For more information, please contact us directly.