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Aftershave & Face Lotion Golden Ember (50 ml)


Calming and moisturizing the skin after a razor made its way over it is not an easy task. It is with that in mind that Mr Bear had the idea of a combined aftershave and face lotion. After carefully crafting the recipe and putting it to the test a number of times he finally perfected it. And thus, the Aftershave & Face Lotion Golden Ember was born. With the Golden Ember signature ingredients safflower oil and birch leaf extract present, it carefully soothes your skin. Whether it is after a close shave or your daily wash – your skin always deserves the best.


Fragrance: Light smoke subtly integrated in noble wooden accords rounded off with spicy, oriental nuances.

Golden Ember After Shave & Face Lotion

  • Key ingredients

    • Squalane – Moisturizing and sebum balancing.
    • Safflower Oil – Stimulates blood circulation and skin regeneration.
    • Birch leaf extract & Witch hazel – Reduces redness and swelling and has an astringent effect.


    Massage into skin after shaving or your daily wash.

    Mr Bear recommends

    Remember, this is both aftershave and face cream. That means your face will be happiest if you use it daily - even on the days you don't shave.

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