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Blazin Buffalo hot sauce boasts a rich history spanning over 50 years! Originally rooted in a cayenne pepper base, which we locally source, our buffalo sauce pays homage to its origins. The concept of buffalo wings originated at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, traditionally served on chicken wings, but our sauces offer versatility for various culinary creations. In my household, buffalo chicken wings have been a cherished dish for many years, and I continue to indulge in their delicious, crispy goodness whenever possible!


Our Blazin Buffalo hot sauce offers a unique and intensified flavor profile. Crafted with fermented garlic and chilies, it strikes a perfect balance of heat. To enhance its depth, we incorporate onion flavor post-fermentation by dehydrating onion skins, resulting in a sustainable product with incredible smokiness.

Ferment Island - Blazin Buffalo🔥

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  • Red cayenne peppers, Local garlic cloves, Onion powder, Distilled white vinegar, Filtered water, Pink Himalayan sea salt, Crushed black pepper

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