In an effort to save, maintain and promote the conservation of the local variety of olive trees, the MCA teamed up with a local family in Wardija and Bidnija to plant and harvest the trees and in the process have created  an olive oil with a rich silky taste that is literally unique to the Maltese Islands (hats off to you guys)

Bidni Olive oil - 100ml bottle

  • Bottle size: 100ml

    Storage: store in a cool dry place

    The olive oil is cold pressed, bottled and labelled in Malta

Opening hours

Mon 9.30 - 7PM

Tues 9.30 - 7PM

Wed 9.30 - 12.30PM

Thur 1 - 8PM

Fri 9.30 - 7PM

Sat 10 - 2.30PM



Triq Geronimo Abos



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